Simple, individual, professional

No matter whether T-shirts for the bachelor party, the graduation party or the children’s birthday or individual shopping bags and pillows. Design light or dark textiles with Sihl print media for textile transfer quickly and in an original way with text, photos or graphics.

The right transfer media

When choosing transfer media, it should be noted whether the fabric is light or dark and which printer is available. Sihl hot transfer material is available for light or dark textiles (cotton, cotton / polyester fabric or canvas / linen) for printing with inkjet or laser printers.

Perfect printing results and effortless transfer with a standard iron or a transfer press: Simply by ironing or with a transfer press, the self-designed motifs are transferred to the selected fabrics.

Know how!
Step by step to the unique: The application video shows how.


Transfer media for dark textiles

Application video: transfer on light textiles

Application video: transfer on dark textiles

Sihl transfer media: easy for home or business

With hot transfer material for printing on light or dark textiles you can design, print and transfer your favourite motif yourself. These are the advantages of Sihl transfer media:

  • Even possible with simple equipment (printer and iron)
  • Also for traders with professional equipment
  • For inkjet or laser printers
  • Easy to use (detailed descriptions)
  • Individual photos, texts and designs
  • Good color brilliance for strong and intense pictures
  • Print & transfer small quantities inexpensively