With SIHL MASTERCLASS Sihl is offering top photographers, designers and artists the best of the best! High image quality and stability guarantee prints that offer a visible and tangible added value – today and at any time! The optimal ink densities and an outstanding finishing properties set the standards. ”Made in Europe” guarantees the highest standards in safety, production and logistics. The assortment is divided into four product groups, which are tailored specifically to the different applications:


Unrivalled gloss, piercing sharpness, outstanding contrast, brillant colours.



Brilliant rich contrasts with a distinguished satin sheen.



A sophisticated paper for artistic black and white prints.



Luxurious velvety surfaces and long life.


GLOSSY – A more than glamorous performance

Unrivalled gloss, piercing sharpness, outstanding contrast and the most brilliant colours
– SIHL MASTERCLASS Glossy turns your images into true eye catchers.

Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper

Iridescent shimmer and highest resolution – for those extra-special portrait, fashion, jewellery, cars, landscapes or HDR shots

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High Gloss Photo Paper

Clear, brilliant, high gloss – perfect for architectural, technical or advertising images, landscapes, fashion and portraits.

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SILK & SATIN – An all-rounder that satisfies the highest of demands

Brilliant, rich in contrast and with a distinguished satin sheen –
SIHL MASTERCLASS Silk & Satin is the perfect photo paper for each and every occasion.

Lustre Photo Paper

A smooth surface and a subtle sheen – the classy MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper 300 brings out the best of your images.

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BLACK & WHITE – Pictures with character

A special paper designed for printing black and white masterpieces
– as authentic as if printed on traditional baryta paper.

Satin Baryta Paper

A sophisticated paper for artistic black and white prints that last a lifetime.

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CREATIVE ART – Lasting art appreciation

Luxurious velvety surfaces and long life – matt MASTERCLASS Creative Art Papers for lasting value of art.


Matt Photo Canvas

First-class matt canvas for exclusive photographic and artistic applications.

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Smooth Matt Cotton Paper

First class, smooth cotton paper for particularly long lasting art prints.

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Textured Matt Cotton Paper

First class, lightly textured cotton paper for particularly durable art prints.

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Success Stories

'Kopfsache' printed on Sihl MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta

An interview with ROMAN TRIPLER, art director, trainer and photographer

In addition to his job as art director in an advertising agency, Roman Tripler is a passionate photographer in his spare time. His camera has never left his side since he was a child. It is particularly important to him to present his surroundings undistorted and as unaffected by external influences as possible. Portraits and long-term reportages are therefore a focal point of his work. With his series “Kopfsache” [Engl. A matter for the head] he won the portrait competition of the international photo fair PhotoPlus Expo in New York in 2017. The impressive headstands can be seen at this year’s Photokina in Cologne from 25-30 September 2018. In our conversation he tells us how the idea for the portrait series “Kopfsache” came about.

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‘LIFE IS FUN’ printed on Sihl MASTERCLASS Lustre Photo Paper

An interview with YASUO MAEDA, travel photographer

If he isn’t working at his event and design company, he’s pursuing his passion for travel. Yasuo Maeda captures the atmosphere and sensations of everywhere he goes with his camera. His favourite places to visit are European cities, which can be seen in his most recent work, ‘Life is fun’.