Hard-wearing, long-lasting, for demanding applications

Durables serve where paper meets its limitations. Should moisture, chemicals and high temperatures come into play, if tear-resistance is important or when products are in frequent use.

The ENDURO and PICOFILM ranges from Sihl offer a wide range of synthetic materials for the production of resistant and resilient labels and tags, envelopes, brochures, maps, documents and signs.



Tear resistance of film – printable like paper

ENDURO products are durable and hard-wearing: this is made possible by the special compound construction of the product, a film core sandwiched between two layers of paper.

Thus ENDURO combines the best properties of paper and film:
allowing processing like a paper, which can be printed or written on, at the same time as being tear-resistant, impermeable to water and providing excellent wet-strength.


High value films – brilliant printability

PICOFILM is an assortment of high quality coated films.  The range offers grades with specific properties, depending on application and requirements: waterproof, heat-resistant, tear-resistant, chemical-resistant & more.

Suitable for outdoor and high-performance applications, best printability and product stability.  PICOFILM is available for all conventional and digital printing methods, including direct thermal.


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