Prepasted SYSTEXX® Glass Textile design2wall Latex 280

Prepasted glass fibre wallpaper for high traffic areas

The Prepasted SYSTEXX® Glass Textile design2wall Latex 280 matt is a high quality glass textile wallpaper, made from woven glass fibres, for printing with solvent, latex and UV inks and is characterised by an attractive structure, high colour brilliance and dimensional stability. Thanks to the water-activated paste on the back, the printed wallpaper can be stuck to the wall immediately after soaking in water. The pre-dose of paste adheres to many different surfaces remaining easy to remove. This wallpaper optimally covers, reinforces and prevents further spread of existing cracks and, protects against abrasion and knocks. The product is flame retardant and is certified with the classification B-s1, d0, which is particularly important for use in public areas. This wallpaper’s tough, scratch resistant surface permits its long-term use in high traffic areas.

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