ENDURO Inkjet 160 Classic 2s

Tear-resistant inkjet paper. The inkjet variant of our ENDURO bestseller. Ideal for tear-resistant hang tags, sleeves and envelopes for inkjet printing.

ENDURO Inkjet 160 Classic 2s is a tear-resistant composite material consisting of a 40 µm PP film core and surface-treated inkjet papers. The three-layer product structure is durable, resistant to edge tearing and water impermeable. It can be cut, punched, perforated, drilled, embossed, scored, folded, glued and bound without issue.

The special paper surfaces offer outstanding inkjet printing results. With fast drying, high colour brilliance and good print contrast. Also suitable for offset, flexo, laser and variable dot matrix printing. Can be stamped easily and lettered manually.

Thanks to the multi-layer product structure ENDURO offers an affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to fully synthetic media. It is PVC-free and FSC®-certified.

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