We spend around 80 percent of our lives indoors. Offices, hotels, showrooms, but also doctors' surgeries and fitness studios are increasingly turning into feel-good zones. Their great task today is to radiate a friendly atmosphere that motivates customers, guests and patients. Harmonious and unmistakable interior designs are the contemporary answer to this requirement.

Large areas are imaginatively decorated, moods are consciously created. In interior design, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and windows are not simply functional components of a room, but become eye-catchers, the centre of attention. With Sihl inkjet media, entire worlds are created: digitally printed wallpapers, wall tattoos, window decorations, furniture, canvases, photo papers and much more. Printed fabrics expand the creative freedom.



Walls and ceilings are the modern canvases for impressive designs. Functionality is the most important factor when choosing a product. Sihl wallpapers meet the highest requirements.

They are free from environmentally harmful substances such as PVC and are characterized by special properties such as dimensional stability, offering reinforcement, impact resistance and wipeability, even covering small cracks in the wall. Our prepasted products have the perfect dose of paste on the back, which is simply activated with water. Our self-adhesive products can be easily applied and removed without leaving any residue. Sihl canvases show no stress whitening, the photo papers reproduce the smallest details perfectly.

Wall & ceiling

Home textiles

Home textiles enhance the ambience of the home and convey a sense of security. With Sihl transfer papers for dye sublimation printing curtains, cushions and other decorative textile applications can be created.


Glass doors and exterior windows can be beautifully set in scene and thus contribute to the interior design. Sihl window films are not only decoration, but also offer protection against unwanted attention from outside and against strong sunlight.


Furniture gives rooms character and influences the feeling of space. Self-adhesive textiles or transfer media from Sihl can refine pieces of furniture and give them that finishing touch.