Coated face stocks for the label industry

Sihl offer a global service of coated films and specialities to the pressure-sensitive industry. The goal is to become a preferred partner for V.I.P. and special coatings with innovative products, competent teams and reliable production.

The assortment meets all requirements regarding:

printing – for variable information printing  (V.I.P.) with inkjet, laser or thermal transfer
appearance – glossy, matt, satin, transparent, opaque
flexibility – squeezable FACESTOCK films for flexible packaging
resistance – durable and resistant to environmental influences and chemicals
security – forgery-proof
sustainability – good CO2 balance
certifiability – certifiable to BS5609 Section 3 and UL/CSA

FACESTOCK coatings

Sihl FACESTOCK coatings have been developed to match the requirements of variable information printing (V.I.P.) technologies:

  • Dry toner systems for laser
  • Wax/resin and resin ribbons for thermal transfer
  • Aqueous and solvent systems for inkjet
  • FACESTOCK for Laser (dry toner)

    Sihl laser topcoats often can more than „Laser“. Some of them are printable with aqueous
    inkjet inks, others are suitable for thermal transfer printing and outdoor usage. Many of the products
    are designed for sheet-fed and reel-fed laser printers.


    • Thermal stabilisation
    • Security features
    • Reverse side coatings to improve anchorage of specific adhesives
    • Block out reverse side

    Laser coatings for FACESTOCK offer:

    • Good toner anchorage
    • Bright and true colours
    • Good sheet feeding behaviour with a suitable backing
    • International approvals (UL, CSA, BS 5609) are possible
  • FACESTOCK for Thermal Transfer

    Sihl topcoats for thermal transfer printing have been developed to give sharp, smudge-proof and chemically resistant printouts. Some of the grades have been UL/CSA-approved as self-adhesive products by customers.


    • Pre-shrunk / thermally stabilised films
    • Security features
    • Reverse side coatings
    • Block out reverse side

    Topcoats for thermal transfer offer:

    • Good bond of resin or resin/wax inks
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Good outdoor performance
    • International approvals (UL, CSA) are possible
  • FACESTOCK for Inkjet (aqueous)

    Sihl has a long and vast experience in developing inkjet coatings for specific and demanding applications as well as for mass markets.  This range offers the most universal facestock for self-adhesive applications. Depending on the base film used, some of them may be used for both inkjet and laser printing.


    • Thermal stabilisation
    • Security features
    • Reverse side coatings
    • Block out reverse side

    Inkjet coatings for FACESTOCK offer:

    • High resolution
    • High printing speeds
    • Smudge-proof printouts
    • Sharp printouts
    • Brilliant colours


Marine resistant: Sihl labels withstand extreme conditions

Transport of goods by sea is often selected if long distances have to be covered, and truck or rail offer no alternative. The shipping of good containers is cheaper than airfreight. Out at sea containers and drums often endure extreme weather conditions – with the odd one being lost overboard. Sihl Facestock 0-60 white XM-1 is the best base for labels, as it perfectly masters these demanding challenges.

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Brand new squeezable inkjet films from SIHL

Sihl presents a new film to the range SIHL FACESTOCK. The PICOFILM WS is a white polyolefin film with a special VIP (Variable Information Printing) top coating for aqueous inkjet printing. Thanks to its squeezability and deformability, it is ideal for the labelling of various PE containers and bottles.

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FACESTOCK in general


Facestocks are not only used in the label industry. Also in the field of  VISCOM, tapes and industrial applications facestock materials are in use.

Sihl has already established itself in the facestock labels market segment and also offers media in the field of  VISCOM. In the own research and development department Sihl work on solutions for the other segments.

Market segments in the label industry

Sihl offers durable FACESTOCK films for demanding applications: For the creation of product or V.I.P labels in the application segments Logistics, A4 Cut Size, Retail, Oil & Chemical Industry, Durables, Home & Personal Care as well as Pharma, Food and Beverage. The films have similarly good processing properties as standard films. A conversion of the processes is not required.

Some of the films are even suitable for two printing technologies. This saves storage costs and has a sustainable impact on the CO2 balance through lower consumption and fewer transports.