Tear resistance of film - printable like paper

ENDURO products are durable and hardwearing: this is made possible by the special compound construction of the product, a film core sandwiched between two layers of paper. Thus ENDURO combines the best properties of film and paper: allowing processing like a paper, which can be printed or written on, at the same time as being tear resistant, impermeable to water and offering excellent wet-strength.

Thanks to the multi-layer product structure ENDURO offers an affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to fully synthetic media.

ENDURO is available in weights from 80 – 345 gsm, in white and translucent with different paper surfaces and a film core of polyester (PET) or OPP. Depending on application, additional special features are available: extra water-repellence, metal detection, blockout or an aluminium protective layer, together with options for direct thermal printing.

Sustainability of ENDURO

  • Less film: ENDURO has a high paper content (depending on application / grade up to 80%) and therefore consists largely of renewable resources. In comparison to fully synthetic media film content is significantly reduced, our goal being to supply no more film than is necessary, and as little as possible!
  • The paper fibres are recoverable through standard paper-recycling (except ENDURO Thermal)
  • All ENDURO grades are FSC® certified , i.e. only papers from sustainable forestry are used
  • Sihl uses only chlorine-free bleached papers
  • ENDURO contains no plasticizers
  • PVC- and BPA-free
  • Use of environmentally friendly, water-based adhesives
  • Free of solvents, poisons and heavy metals
  • ENDURO provides durability, ultimately saving resources

Product construction


Enduro Classic - Classic Plus - Premium

The ENDURO standard product range is classified in accordance with the quality of the paper surface:

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ENDURO Classic – classical optics and haptics due to a surface made of natural paper

ENDURO Classic Plus – increased surface smoothness due to calendered offset paper

ENDURO Premium – best printing results on matt and glossy coated paper grades

Depending on the specification, the film core consists of a PET or OPP film thus giving the composite material stability and strengths.

Enduro Ice

ENDURO Ice convinces with the classy appearance and elegant feel of transparent paper but enables a plurality of new applications due to the film core inside.

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Extend your creative leeway, as ENDURO Ice makes solutions and printing technologies possible, where customary transparent papers show their limits.

  • Calendar cover sheets – that do not become wavy
  • Book covers and banderoles – that are tear resistant
  • Insert sheets – that do not tear out or protrude due to moisture
  • Transparent envelopes – that do not tatter in the sorting plant
  • Packages – translucent in an elegant and sophisticated design
  • Covers and folders – cool look and feel combined with perfect functionality

Enduro Effect

Depending on application, additional special features are available for ENDURO Effect: extra water-repellence, metal detection, blockout or an aluminium protective layer.

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ENDURO Effect Water improved – extra water-repellent paper surfaces for outdoor applications

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ENDURO Effect RFID shield – RFID- / NFC- shield function offers protection against data skimming.

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ENDURO Effect Opaque – no shine trough

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ENDURO Metal detectable – metal detectable i.e. for labels in the food production industry.

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The paper surfaces of ENDURO Inkjet were specifically optimized for water-based inkjet printing with dye-based and pigment inks.

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Print-on-Demand rapidly gained popularity. Particularly in the fields of label and tag printing. Increasingly efficient inkjet label printers enable the simultaneous printing of individual information and colored advertising or logos. Particularly for smaller print runs or print runs in which the information on the tag label should vary, there is a whole new world of possibilities in full color inkjet printing.

Enduro Thermal

ENDURO Thermal is a composite material consisting of a film core enclosed between two layers of paper and with a thermosensitive coated surface.

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This way ENDURO Thermal combines the best characteristics regarding printability in direct thermal technology anddurability in application. The product range offers solutions, where customary papers for direct thermal printing reach their limits regarding tear resistance and longevity.

Season tickets – long-term parking tickets, multi-ride tickets, ferry tickets
Baths tickets – that have to be wet-strength and stable for the locker
Textile labels – which have to be tear resistant as well

There are grades available for sharp-edged direct thermal printouts and with different levels of sensitivity. The quality of the reverse side varies as well, depending on the application and printing in monochrome or full color offset or flexo printing.

Area of applications ENDURO

Best Practice


Stylish on the outside, smart on the inside

It started with an idea: Ina Braun and Gabriela Grassmann wanted to redesign those boring old transparent sleeves
to make them more useful and individual. They took an office classic that had long gone by unnoticed and ended up completely reinventing it – as a modern organiser with ingenious extra functions.

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From Munich, Bistrotea revolutionized the Tea drinker world. With the slogan “Ahead of the Zeitgeist” the company developed an innovative counter part to the common Teabag: The TPOD (Tea Portion of Design), which is both delightful tea and practical spoon in one. The stylish product comes wrapped in a transparent ENDURO Ice-case.

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The baseline:

Dive in, stir, done – is what the background concept of Bistrotea looked like. Developed from the design principle of the Bistro sugar-packaging, Bistrotea offers a completely new Tea experience.

The TPOD consists of a freshly harvest Tea, shrink-wrapped in a perforated designer foil, that corresponds to the new food industry standards. Thus, the TPOD can be directly poured with boiling water. The intensity of the Tea is individually controlled by the duration it stays submerged for and the TPOD simultaneously acts as a spoon for stirring. The high-quality types of leaf teas range from Ginger all the way to Earl Grey and are of course free of all additives.

Minimal packaging for maximum pleasure is Bistrotea’s goal. But it needs a packaging that on one side protects the high-quality Tea but on the other hand compliments the design of the product.

The implementation:

During the search for the perfect packaging, the first thing that was experimented with, was different types of paper. None of them satisfied the high demands of the packaging.

ENDURO Ice convinced us at first glance…twice! The classic-elegant look of the composite material promised a perfect symbiosis with the stylish TPOD. The special material properties also matched the requested demands perfectly. The ENDURO Ice paper-foil-compound is tear-proof, water resistant and naturally aroma-proof. The material also doesn’t get affected by changing air humidity, nor by high light influence and is heat-sealable for long term indulgence.

The unique structure of the material “Made in Germany” convinced the Bistrotea-maker. Meanwhile the combination of the TPOD and the packaging already won several awards, including the FPA Gold Award Winner in Packaging Excellence USA (2008), Swiss Star (2008) and EAFA Alufoil trophy Winner Europe (2009).

The prospects:

The Bistrotea product lines are going to keep increasing, so that there is a continuos need for the ENDURO Ice packaging for the new varieties. Furthermore, big repackaging and marketing items, will in future, also be produced with the support from the versatile ENDURO Ice.


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